·      How did you decide on the subject matter for your first book?

·      Who would benefit from looking at this book?

·      Where can readers purchase your book?

·      Can you describe how you go about getting a particular shot? Is it premeditated, or do great shots just “happen?”

·      Can you tell us about any notable people that you’ve met over the past three years that you’ve spent photographing for “Working the Water?

·      Who inspires your work? What other photographers do you admire and why?

·      Do you have a trailer for your book? If so, where can we view it?

·      What do you hope that your readers take away with them?

·      Is your book available in any other formats besides print?

·      Are the photos in this book available for purchase?

·      We want to know a little bit about the behind-the-scenes life of Jay Fleming. Can you describe an average day?

·      Most people who meet you are surprised to see that the person behind some of their favorite photographs is so young. Why do you think this is?

·      You live in Annapolis, Md., correct? What are a few of your favorite things about that area, and how have they influenced your photography?

·      What is the most memorable response to your artwork that you have experienced?